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  • 문장 race
    1. The Identifier personally inspects each horse in each race by verifying the lip tattoo, body color, head and leg markings, scars, and chestnut (night eyes).
    2. But Central Point, which had been a visibly mixed-race community since the 19th century, was home to a secret but paradoxically open interracialism.
    3. The morning after Election Day, the Oregon governor's race is still a jump ball, but ex-NBA player Chris Dudley is clinging to a slim lead.
    4. Vaughan Pratt, a Stanford professor emeritus in computer science who was one of the designers of Stanley and an officially recognized kibbitzer in the creation of Junior, said the six-hour race through faux suburbia was an important watershed.
    5. Andy quoted one of the trainers (or facilitators, as they like to be called), whose job it is to instill " sensitivity " about age, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and the kitchen sink into employees of Washington businesses:
    6. ...Richard Petty Private Collection outran Buck Baker's '62 Chrysler to win the 200-lapper. One week later, Jim Paschal finished second to race winner Junior.
    7. I focus on communal descriptive problems—what I call American race talk dilemmasrather than on all the lightheartednesses and small triumphs of daily life at Columbus.
    8. In a two-horse race there is always one winner and one loser.
    9. Farrell [ … ] says that compared to marathoning, the triathlon "is a breeze--just because of the variety of the training and in the race itself.
    10. The mountainous second day of the race was a real meatgrinder, with 20% of racers dropping out.
  • 문장 races
    1. As a sex worker, Helen's clientele encompasses a broad range of different ages, races and social statuses.
    2. According to Roberto Moreno, one of Mr. Haywood’s codrivers at Daytona and a veteran of 41 Formula One and 122 Indy car races, “No team takes better care of its drivers than Brumos.”
    3. The Venusians, unlike other planetary races, were almost like Earthpeople. There was only one notable difference—they had feathers on their heads instead of hair.
    4. And historionomers will have measured accurately the sidereal years of races. — Lowell.
    5. Every sense of your body is taken over by the climate,” said the New York City native Christopher Bergland, who set a record at triple ironmans (7.2-mile swim, 336-mile bike, 78.6-mile run) but failed to finish one of his three Badwater races.
    6. And if his briskness in Chopin’s famous Funeral March restored dignity to the usual mopiness, much of the rest of the concert hung somewhere between a deeply musical evening and a day at the races.
    7. Also called retro-running, it's been popular for years in Europe where races vary from sprints to the 26.2-mile marathon. MSNBC, Some runners look forward to going backward
    8. Jones races in... and makes a fine shoestring catch in shallow center.
    9. Sulayman al-Shulukhi, left, races his modified Subaru Impreza every weekend night and delights in describing wrecks and spinouts.
    10. In a 10-year career, he has won more A.M.A. supercross and motocross races than any rider in history.
  • 문장 raced
    1. The motor was self-regulating, until the governor broke and it suddenly raced out of control.
    2. The truck raced southbound then careened into the ditch.
    3. The Wizards took the lead for good when Nick Young blocked Duhon’s layup attempt, then raced upcourt for a 21-foot pull-up jumper.
    4. The dogs raced across the barren icescape.
    5. All helmeted and pumped-up, dedicated pedallers raced through the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood in the second annual Toronto Criterium yesterday, one of four major cycling events in the province this weekend.
    6. I raced him to the car, but he was there first, so he got to ride shotgun. ‎
    7. Kimi Pohlman raced home on a squibber back to the circle that Florida pitcher Stacey Nelson could not handle, giving Washington the decisive run in a 3-2 victory for its first N.C.A.A. softball championship Tuesday night.
    8. Rooney was fit to return to United's line-up after missing two games with an ankle injury - and he was in the thick of the action right away as he raced on to Dimitar Berbatov's pass only to send a presentable finish wide from an acute angle.
    9. But the visitors' win was all but sealed when Diouf was hauled down by Tamas as he raced towards goal late on and the Romanian was duly sent off.
    10. As if spurred on by the recent barbs and an increasingly perilous league position, Hughes's side raced out of the traps, starting the game as though Premier League survival depended on the result of this encounter.
  • 문장 racing
    1. automobile-racing participant
    2. Queen Elizabeth II does not play, preferring racing demon, complicated games of solitaire and six-deck bezique.
    3. Did you two break the trolley by racing with it?
    4. After modifying her for ocean racing, he campaigned her for three years, and in 1975, donated her to the U.S. Naval Academy.
    5. The rock dove has so interbred with the feral pigeons from doocots and racing pigeon lofts that, as a pure species, it may possibly now be extinct in Britain.
    6. Ove Nygren, the motorcycle-racing man-child of the U.S. Pro Tour, was among the air-happy honchos who thought the event should include a gelandesprung.
    7. Grandpa Andy would buy the racing form the day ahead of time so he could handicap the race before he even arrived at the track.
    8. Some corners are littered with marbles, off the racing line.
    9. motor-racing participant
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