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  • 문장 bear
    1. Lord Henry Wotton could just catch the gleam of the honey-sweet and honey-coloured blossoms of a laburnum, whose tremulous branches seemed hardly able to bear the burden of a beauty so flame-like as theirs[.]
    2. To my sister, Kristen, who wears the badge of motherhood with pride and inspires people to love without reservation, without judgment, without fear. She is a mama bear and a wonder to watch in action!
    3. The bear mauled him in a terrible way.
    4. Westhoff was in midinterview when receiver Laveranues Coles ran up behind him and wrapped Westhoff in a big bear hug.
    5. The moonseeds bear black crescent-shaped (hence their name) fruits
    6. Ancient Greek γόνος ‎(gónos ) is a reflex of *ǵónh₁os ‎(“ race ” ), which is itself an o-grade derivative of the root *ǵenh₁- ‎(“ to beget; to produce, bear ” ).
    7. The legacy of the Bear Flaggers lives on in the State of California. The state adopted and proudly flies the bear flag, first designed at Sonoma by the Osos.
  • 문장 bore
    1. And goon to vigilyes al bifore, And have a mantel royalliche y-bore.
    2. Thou knowest my old ward; here I lay, and thus I bore my point.
    3. She still bore the scars of a very conflictive divorce, which made her wary of making any new commitment.
    4. The front of the podium bore the presidential seal.
    5. His loudly verbalized beliefs marked him as an ignorant bore.
  • 문장 bare
    1. Some vultures have lappets of bare flesh on the sides of the head.
    2. [ …] such books are always close back—ie, the leather cover is always glued or pasted to the bare back of the book. After books have been lined the bands are put on if the style of binding admits of this operation.
    3. Branches [ …] which were portoirs, and bare[sic] grapes. — Holland.
    4. Here, for the first time, had Marcella been brought face to face with the agricultural world as it is--no stage ruralism, but the bare fact in one of its most pitiful aspects.
    5. Localities across New Jersey imposed curfews to prevent looting. In Monmouth, Ocean and other counties, people waited for hours for gasoline at the few stations that had electricity. Supermarket shelves were stripped bare.
    6. Bare-chested children and their parents gathered in doorways, on roofs and in windows as he passed, watched warily by Brazilian troops carrying submachine guns. - New York Times, 09/03/2007 [1]
  • 문장 born
    1. It is probably that the τριακάδες represented ultimate division of the people, like the γένη of Attica; but it is difficult to see how such generic divisions could have born any relation to the local division of the obe.
    2. Oosterwyck (Maria Van), a celebrated Dutch paintress of flowers and fruit, born at Nootdrop, a small town near Delft, in 1630.
    3. It is fitting that the vest should convey athleticism, since it was born as a warm but not constraining garment for postboys on horseback in 19th-century England (hence the high armhole and traditional wool front).
    4. She’s majestic, all right, her regalness clearly born, made and thrust upon her every day of her life.
    5. To see them together, friendly, reparteeing, chummy, would turn your stomach--Barbara so exquisite and high-born, and the man, his eyes full of evil fires, sitting like a great toad on the model's chair.
    6. Mr. Peet was born in 1920 in Alkmaar, the Netherlands , where he learned the coffee trade while cleaning machinery and running errands at his father’s small coffee roastery.
  • 문장 bears
    1. Only that part of the floor timber that bears on the planking and keel need be templated; [ …]
    2. But the seeds of the whitebark pine, the pine nuts, feed Clark’s nutcracker birds; red squirrels, which store the nuts underground; and grizzly bears.
    3. Wombles are a bit like teddy bears to look at but they have real claws and live underneath Wimbledon Common and devote their lives to ‘tidying up’ all the things those untidy Human Beings leave behind. (E. Beresford, 1968)
    4. Zoophilism bears witness to a new human being, one who no longer fears nature.
    5. That ruling bears on our application.
    6. That ruling bears upon our application.
    7. The dubious state of the whole society bears witness of years of misrule
    8. My dog always chews up my daughter's teddy bears.
    9. It bears the image of a man etched with the sefirot, the 10 divine attributes, and the legend “Ein Sof,” the kabbalah term for the infinite substance of creation (or for God himself, depending on the context).
  • 문장 borne
    1. The Hotel Carter is one of the last cheap places to stay in Times Square, a reputation borne out by its waterstained carpets, peeling walls and healthy occupancy rates.
    2. Alacke the time that ever I was borne, / To be partaker of this destinie. / Alacke the day, alacke and welladay.
    3. Surely, he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows. -Isaiah 53:4
    4. In the nineteenth century, 1811 to be exact, the jeers were unrove after the yard was slung, the weight of the yard being borne by chain slings. The jeers used then were a treble block lashed to the mast head through a hole in the center of the top
    5. No man has been at greater straits than I, and has borne more pinching poverty and hardship; but nobody can say of me that, if I had a guinea, I was not free-handed with it, and did not spend it as well as a lord could do.
    6. For blood vessel-borne metastasis, disseminated tumor cells (DTCs) intravasate into blood vessels and survive in the circulation.
    7. They are characterized by hyaline, ellipsoid, oblong, reniform, allantoid to suballantoid conidia borne on a single locus on monophialidic conidiogenous cells.
    8. If climate-change predictions that involve an increase of temperature together with reductions in precipitation are borne out, the result will be a severe reduction of suitable areas for mallines in NW Patagonia [11 ,12 ].
  • 문장 bearing
    1. When you replace a drive shaft on your boat it is also a good idea to replace the cutlass bearing where the drive shaft exits the boat.
    2. It was still early in the morning when Elettra brought her a letter, bearing the postmark of the city, and addressed in one of those small, clear handwritings which seem naturally to belong to scholars and students.
    3. When he became titular bishop of Hippo and auxiliary bishop of Boston, he added an inescutcheon or small shield in the center of his shield bearing a gold heart inflamed pierced by an arrow and on a blue field.
    4. It also has a neckpiece bearing a low-relief representation of the necklace of the chivalric Order of the Golden Fleece, to which only the most powerful of European rulers belonged.
    5. In machinery, a sliding piece is said to overrun its bearing when its forward end goes beyond it.
    6. Balotelli, in recognition of those latest chaotic events in his personal life, then revealed a T-shirt bearing the slogan "Why Always Me?". Despite the evident good humour of the gesture, he was booked by referee Mark Clattenburg.
    7. It comprehends the following generally flat-lying members: Hauptdolomit, Platten Limestone, Kossen Beds, Rhae- tian reef Limestone, Liassic marls and limestones, up to 350 m thick siliceous, radiolarite-bearing strata
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